Plan for ESSER Relief Funds

Under the American Rescue Plan (ARP), which became law in March 2021, school districts around the country will receive funding to address the impact of COVID-19 on students' academic, social, emotional and mental health needs. This funding is known as "ESSER III."

"ESSER" is short for Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief. ESSER III receives its numerical designation from the fact that the ARP ESSER Fund is the third set of COVID-related federal relief grants for schools that Congress has passed since the pandemic began.

Elverado CUSD was awarded $1,463,489 in ESSER relief funds to be used in the 2021-2024 school years.  Based on input from community surveys, Board of Education meetings, Faculty Advisory Committee meetings, staff and administration input, we have a budget for those funds which was approved at the August 19, 2021 Board of Education Meeting.  This budget is subject to changes and amendments based on the ever changing needs of our school during this time.  The amounts are approximate and allow for changes to be made.  The current budget includes:

  • Salaries and benefits for two social workers for multiple school years ($340,776)
  • Salaries and benefits for intervention teacher for multiple school years ($170,388)
  • Stipends, hourly wages, materials, and supports for summer school and after school programs including lunch and transportation where needed ($274,000)
  • Tuition for virtual high school programs for credit recovery and alternative classes ($19,000)
  • Software subscriptions to support learning ($14,000)
  • Interactive panels for classroom use ($145,000)
  • Supplies needed for safe reopening of schools and Covid mitigations ($4000)
  • Learning Assessments used to identify achievement gaps ($130,000)
  • Additional transportation options ($144,000)
  • Grant writing and oversight if needed in subsequent years ($7975)

The budget will continue to evolve with the following needs in mind throughout the process

  • Student academic and learning needs
  • Student health and wellness including social/emotional needs
  • Learning and instructional needs impacted by pandemic mandates and guidance
  • Safe and healthy schools
  • Safe and healthy transportation options
  • Additional supports and programs to close achievement gaps
  • Community needs, supports, and input
  • Staff needs, supports and input
For the 2023/2024 school year we have $1,142,912 left in funding.  This money has been rebudgeted in the following way:
  • Fine Arts Teacher salary and benefits ($53,170)
  • Additional Teacher to support reading and math instruction ($57,199)
  • After School Programming ($12,000)
  • Summer School programming ($16,520)
  • Software subscriptions to support learning in the classroom ($82,538)
  • Chromebook and supporting licenses ($65,000)
  • Instructional materials for K-12 classrooms ($60,000)
  • Needed furniture for classroom and nurse ($1,200)
  • Salaries and benefits for two social workers ($111,116)
  • Nurse salary and benefits ($52,805)
  • Sanitation Supplies for K-12 ($20,000)
  • Professional development materials ($780)
  • Grant administration ($7600)
  • HVAC for high school and gymnasium ($400,000)
  • Buses additional transportation ($197,000)